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I think since last time i was in i have:

got a great new job

bought a house

adopted a few fur babys

started working from home

what new with yous guys?  

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3 Answers

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Hey! Welcome back!! It’s nice to see a friendly screen name from way back!!

Congratulations on your new house and the fuzzy additions to your family. 

Nothing new with me - same shit, different day. COVID has made it difficult to encounter anything new and exciting. 

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Hi there. I remember you saying you wanted to move to South Carolina. Has that come into fruition or have you stayed where you are?  

    Welcome back, stay awhile!!

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i did move but not to South Carolina, i stayed in Michigan  but moved farther south (im in Kalamazoo, near the Indiana border).

first i got a job with PNC ban in 2015, it sucked but paid the bills.  I bought a house-- gorgeous 103 yr old)  Then i got burned out so i left for a retail job for  8 months or so and  then got hired at Zagg, ( the piece of glass protector you put on your cell phone, ipad etc).  i sell the warrranty replacements .

Ive been there a year+ and  I love it.  The give us free health insurance.  free.  in the USA.  that never happens.  I make about 20% more than i did at pnc bank........ and the job is really easy lol.


Glad things worked out for you. Free insurance, now there's a great deal. A plus that you like the job. 

   Glad to see you back! 

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I remember you. I remember you went from strength to strength job and home wise. 

How are your kids? I remember they were doing really well too.

Are you still with the preacher  guy?

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oldest kid, my daughter the hellion has settled into a semi great 25 yr old who loves her mom now and  still lives with me, pays me rent.  literally spends all her time with me and at 11-16 she acted like she hated me lol.  she has the upstairs i have the downstairs and my best friend is moving in tooo october 1.

My son on the other hand is  a shit head he moved out at 19 and  lives 2 miles away and i have seen him exactly 3 times in 3.5 years.  he only calls if he  looses a job.  so 3 lost jobs in 3.5 yrs.  yep. oh and he texted me to tell me he is now engaged to his boyfriend of 5 yrs.  

he was laid off at the beginning of covid because he worked at the college bookstore... he refuses to go back to work ANYWHERE.  he plans to stay on  un employment payments till they run out.  i could get him a job so could his sister paying him 2200 a month.....

preacher jim... oh my  god... that was ......almost 4 yrs ago.  

let me tell ya-- religious ppl are nuts.

1.  caught him being mean/ neglectful to my then newly adopted  doggie judyanne.

2.  he was abusing his prescription meds.

3.  when i broke up with him, i called his adult daughter to come get him and  she told he he  has a pattern of this.

4.  he kept emailing me mean nasty  stuff.. and i finally got fed up after about 6 mths of harassment and  cc'ed his boss at the homeless shelter on  the emails.  the emails stopped lol.

oh and he also tried to say  the doggo bit him... bite looked strange.... i found his cuticle scissors in the bath room with both tips bloody- the crazy man stabbed himself and tried to say it was the dog....... that was the day i got rid of him.


you've had a very busy 4 years lol.

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