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+2 votes

whats your worst shop bought dish?

in Recipes by (2,945,140 points)

3 Answers

+2 votes

Rat-Au-Van. Rat that's been run over by a van. Tasteless rubbish.

by (3,902,671 points)

Lol! Yeah, that’s my least favorite dish, too. I don’t order it anymore...

+1 vote

By “shop bought” do you mean like frozen meals from the grocery store? Or take-out from a restaurant?

I don’t like any packaged frozen dinners - they’re all overloaded with salt and the vegetables are always mushy. 

Take-out is good if I get it from a decent restaurant. Fast-food like McDonald’s or KFC is revolting - it doesn’t even qualify as real food to me! 

by (2,357,450 points)

Frozen meals. Too much oregano and the pasta is sloppy.

+1 vote

My worst store bought meal has to be something frozen I once bought. I can't remember what it was, but I have also bought breaded chicken which I didn't like as there was more bread crumbs than chicken in them. I don't buy frozen meals anymore, needless to say although some eggplant parmesan by a company whose name I forget was not bad at all. 

by (947,860 points)
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