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5 Answers

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Putting their kids in cages maybe? 

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Letting them have all the jobs while simultaneously living off the state.

by (3,905,631 points)

What jobs. We have millions of people out of work 

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The money donated for building a wall to separate two countries, demonstrations by Trump supporters against DACA, the president himself telling congresswomen to go back to where they came from when they are American citizens. Best of all, his reference to Haiti and other Carribbean nations as "sh*thole" countries. 

by (950,730 points)

We have to get rid of scumbag Trump.

He announced he will not leave peacefully if he loses 


If he doesn't leave peacefully, that's too bad. There's nothing he can do. 


I agree with you 


So our birthday is coming up soon 


Ah, is yours next month too? What day? 


October 22nd which is your birthday too

Yes. Happy birthday!! 
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Trump rallies, tweets, and speeches

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