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+2 votes

All they've got to look forward to are more Covid-19 restrictions.

in Education by (3,924,891 points)

2 Answers

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This must be torture for the littler kids - they’re hard to keep engaged even in a classroom with no distractions.  And not being allowed to blow off steam with their friends makes it worse. And I do NOT envy parents trying to keep their shit together with their kids under their feet 24/7. 

Life in general appears to be getting more difficult by the day... 

by (2,376,410 points)
+2 votes

I know teachers who have to plan accordingly with their plans via the computer. They needed to learn on their own a system where you add students to classes and  teach them there. Never mind who isn't paying attention, who needs to go to the bathroom, and who isn't listening or learning. You're responsible for testing and grading. I don't envy being a teacher today. Parents have had to hire sitters or stay at home themselves to make sure kids are paying attn. Not easy for anyone, but it beats getting sick. 

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