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3 Answers

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I suppose hope is all that's left with a cheat like trump.

And the Democrats actually think some Republicans will show integrity.


by (2,967,170 points)

Hope is all we have. I am so counting on people coming out in Nov, especially the new 18 yr olds who are disgusted by Trump and want to vote for the first time. There are many in that category. Also those who voted for Trump and are now voting Blue. 

   We have signs here that say,. BYEDON. :))


I like that. Im hoping things get back to normal. I didnt care so much about American politics until trump got in 

I didnt really know which party a President was in. I just watched their foreign policy 


I remember my father arguing out loud as he read the papers about Nixon, etc. He was pretty smart politically wise. Always a Democrat. I think that's come out in me when Trump came in as well.  I was not impressed by Obama although I agree he was a more classic,  peaceful leader in the face of much criticism,  than Trump will ever be. Same with Clinton. 


I liked Ronald Reagan, however his choice of who to have a special relationship with " Thatcher" makes me question his judgement 

I was military for HW and the first Gulf War so I obviously liked him. I voted for Blair so I  liked W Bush as I trusted Blair. It wasn't until later we all found out they were both lying Bss.

Trump is a phoney, he has turned the White House and Presidency into a really bad reality show. 


Trump has turned the WH into a circus, and opened our eyes into what we don't want to see; the makeup of many in this country. 

+3 votes

Arizona has a decent chance of going blue in this election too. All we can do is vote and hope. 

by (2,376,790 points)

Yes!! I'm hoping Ohio is too. It's a swing state.

+2 votes

I have voted twice. By mail. Don't tell Trump.

by (3,925,111 points)

I won't say a word. 

I'm tweeting your response to the Attorney General. Expect a call from William Barr or Rudy Giuliani soon.
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