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+3 votes

Can't wait, personally.

in Politics by (3,925,111 points)

3 Answers

+3 votes

OMG.  I just suffered through it.  The bully and the moderator.  A debate would have two people talking about the same thing.  Maybe different views.  This was just trump rattling on endlessly.  

by (1,471,650 points)

And Rudy Giuliani was on Fox News today saying *Biden* has dementia LMFAO!! 

+3 votes

Not me but it appears America has been humiliated again. That shining city was just gift wrap.

by (2,967,170 points)
0 votes

i didn't watch it

im tired of the negativity

i watch funny movies and comedy oh and RATCHED

by (3,097,310 points)
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