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+1 vote

Talk about really bad reality TV.

Can America stand any more humiliation?

in Daily Life by (2,967,000 points)

4 Answers

+1 vote

Yes, while hooked-up to IV. And I'm not talking Ivanka.

by (3,924,931 points)
+3 votes

Yesterday he announced that he had not taken any medications for 8 hours.  So it will be a few days before he comes down from his steroid high.  

But to your question.  Yes.  Except I think it will be a" please cry for me america " rally.  He is feeling pretty victimized.  Poor baby.  No one wants to debate him face to face where he can spit at them and yell while they are speaking.  And the polls show that he is pretty unloved.  Time for some serious dirt.  I bet he finds that biden is old and Kamala is black.  Lol

by (1,471,610 points)

Its been said that he had to sign himself out of the hospital to get back for a fix. Im not saying that but sometimes you see him high and sometimes low.. and the sniffing!!!

+1 vote

I would say it will be his "Rage On America" speech.  He will demand that Obama, Biden, Clinton, Comey, Schiff, Pelosi, and all of his other self-perceived enemies should be arrested, prosecuted, and put into jail.  Then he'll REALLY get mad...

by (768,180 points)

Lol.  You are probably right. 

+2 votes

I can’t speak for other Americans but personally I’ve had enough humiliation from Trump to last me two lifetimes. My shoulders  hurt from spending the last 4 years cringing...

by (2,376,790 points)
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