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Read the text and then answer the questions.

Lights and voices put a cool and political palpitation in those rooms decorated with the coarse emulation of ministerial offices in the Motherland: Suddenly the gachupine phalanx came in tumult to the balconies. Shouts and applause:

- Long live Spain!

- Long live General Banderas!

- Long live the Latino race!

- Long live the General President!

- Long live Don Pelayo!

- Long live the Pilar de Zaragoza!

- Long live Don Isaac Peral!

- Long live honest commerce!

- Long live the hero of Zamalpoa!

In the street, a troop of horses stabbed the savage and blackish populace, who fled without removing the facon from their chest.

Ramón del Valle Inclán. Tyrant Flags. 1999

to. The previous fragment corresponds to a Spanish novel from the beginning of the 20th century. How do you relate its title to the historical context of the time?

b. According to the last lines of the fragment, what event, typical of dictatorships, takes place?

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4 Answers

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Yes, you need help. Please seek help immediately.

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Don't you think your answer is a bit absurd? because you take the time to answer that way, if you don't intend to help, don't write anything and don't waste time.


My profuse apologies.

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you missed out an e! How do you expect to be taken seriously when you missed out an e?

Repost your question with the right amount of e!

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You can never have too many e's.



Wow, Blue. You’re right!!! It really needed just that *one* extra “E”! 


At last, the correct amount of *e*. Everyone can now relax.

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I have a suggestion on how you can do this:

1.  Read the text.

2.  Answer the questions.

It's really that simple.  Best wishes!

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