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The state of Michigan, where he is at now, shows Biden leading the presidential polls by a narrow margin. 

   Fake news??!

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I would love to have him chime in in these days of Covid.  Now when his idol takes a belly flop come November I would like to ask him "Are we better now than last year"

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I really don't know. He was so confident in his righteousness, his job, his health care, his idol, I dont know what it feels like when it all goes South.

I wish he would let us know cause I absolutely, without a doubt, straight down the line need  a real good belly laugh at him.

by (2,947,570 points)

GB he was already South, he lives in the Carolina's.  Home of Right to Work and Screw the Employees, Environment etc.  Oh yeah and Home of the Morbidly Obese


I didnt  know that but what I meant by going South was when everything goes wrong  South being down opposite of North.

Hope that makes sense lol

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Living in a rather conservative part of Michigan I know several people who voted for tRump last time saying that was a mistake and they are voting Biden this time.  There's still also a fair number of cult members still drinking the kool-aid.   

Wake is in total denial and thinks the only way tRump can lose is he's cheated out of it somehow.  I'm afraid he may be "Standing by"...

by (946,890 points)

Two polls out today show Biden with a 9% and a 7% lead here in Michigan.  I sure hope that's the case but after 2016 I don't have much faith in polls.


I hope it stays that way, Grin. I'm glad some in your state have seen the light. My friend from Georgia has done the same. 

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He'd be beside himself.

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Who cares? Fuck him and everybody who looks like him. After he told me I deserved to have cancer because I don’t like Trump, he has no semblance of decency or humanity to me. 

by (2,359,190 points)

He has no decency to have said that. I know it must hurt, but I'd also consider the source. Idiot he is. 


It didn’t hurt - it pissed me off! What kind of a degenerate says something like that? 

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