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I am dealing with significant change in my life which will I have no doubt bring me the joy and happiness that I/we all deserve. 

I want to ask thou how I deal with a past that is littered with failure and disappointment.

This includes losing a job, moving somewhere I just didn't want to be anymore, and then losing my dearest brother Simon and then being sectioned for what was obviously a very serious mental ill health problem. 

Does time and new beginnings have any impact and can I just move on with this new scenario in my head rather than dwell on my past as I have done repeatedly for most of my adult life. 
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6 Answers

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think of trumps future and how much it's going to be a failure, showing you that your future and past have and are better than his ^_^

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First... slow down.  If you know baseball at all, there's a saying that goes, "You can't hit a 6-run home run." (The most you can get is with the bases loaded, and that's a 4-run home run, or "grand slam.")  So don't try to do more than is possible.

Don't try to solve everything in a day.  It can't be done unless there is a miracle provided you by grace.

Take it ONE DAY at a time.  Can you get through today?  Yes.  What can you do TODAY that will address ONE THING that you need to deal with?  You don't have to SOLVE that one thing today, but you can at least take the first step towards solving it.

Have faith.  Faith in yourself to handle those burdens you have to carry.  Faith in your friends that they will help you carry them.  Faith in God to know you are not alone.

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You live and you learn is how it is supposed to work on every level. Just think about starting a new job and the commute. You never get it as efficient as possible first day. Second day you might find a quicker route or you might learn traffic is not so heavy another way. That applies to a lot of areas in life.

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Keep your eyes on the road ahead of you.  You can't change the past but a positive outlook and doing the best you can in the present will make your future better.

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I am trying so hard to move on from a difficult and disappointing past that I am reflecting on that with much more scepitism and with a large pinch of salt. I know all about positivity and optimism in my life as it is now. At the age of 53 I have just met and in the space of three short months I have met my future wife. My life has changed immeasuarably and I want to first embrace the changes with enthuasium and intelligence too. 

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I think a person's attitude means everything, in that it can change their choices in life that will eventually have them sink or swim. Life can be tough, and a mind that is able to conquer all fears,  a mind that has some faith that all will go well in spite of the past failures, and a will that is needed in rough times, can make all the difference in the world. Good luck to you. 

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I'm looking forward with enthuasium, excitment, optimism and loads of positivity, cheers Anthony. 

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