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Please select the word from the list that best fits the definition

I have to get good grades to impress my grandparents
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4 Answers

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fine let me see what I can do

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50 50 chance.


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what grade are you even in?

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intrinsic - adjective. belonging to a thing by its very nature: the intrinsic value of a gold ring. Anatomy. (of certain muscles, nerves, etc.) belonging to or lying within a given part.

extrinsic - not essential or inherent; not a basic part or quality; extraneous: facts that are extrinsic to the matter under discussion. being outside a thing; outward or external; operating or coming from without: extrinsic influences.

Here's a link describing the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation -

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Don’t you have access to a dictionary? 

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