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Or even just guide me on how I can answer this because I am really struggling. I am writing an essay but I feel like I'm not getting enough words. 

By reading the Travel accounts of Battuta, discuss what this reveals about the global impact of Islam. In your answer, briefly explain how Ibn Battuta's religion shaped his views on the societies and the people he encountered. 

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1 Answer

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How many views have you written about?  If you need to write more look for more views which you can write about.  

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The thing is I wrote a lot about the global impact but for some reason, I can't see how the societies and people shaped his views. He mostly encountered Christians and Islam which is very similar to his views anyway... Maybe I don't understand what I need to write lol :/


The question does specifically ask you to examine how his religion shaped his views.  So maybe expound on that some too.

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