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what is worse? a teacher calling you even though your hand is not up, or a player in among us that leaves because they are not an imposter?

in Just For Fun by (270 points)

2 Answers

+2 votes
Best answer

I think its worse when you put your hand up and the teacher doesn't call you!!!

Now no one knows you knew the answer.

Bummer man..

by (2,967,000 points)
+3 votes

That is a marvelously incoherent question. Congrats!

by (768,140 points)

I didn't understand it myself! Glad I wasnt the only one. 


ok so in my opinion if you don't understand a question you don't answer it just saying.


Well, I didn't answer it, just saying. Media was trying to make you see that the last part of your sentence didn't make any sense. 


Well, galaxy, if YOU are under the impression you have asked a logical, coherent question that people should be able to answer, and the people who read it find it incoherent, then it should be HELPFUL to know that your question didn't come across the way you wanted it to.

Perhaps if you ask a question you shouldn't be so defensive when you don't get the kind of answer you want but should attempt to learn from that answer.

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