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4 Answers

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I think their twitter account should be monitored very closely.

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They don't know what they're doing, has been my experience. Ronald Reagan was the only one in my book who had the intelligence to run a country, as much as I disliked him for other reasons. At least he made sense. 

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They, like everyone else, have the right to free speech.  They get more people to listen to them because of their name recognition initially, but whether they become respected or not depends on the substance of what they have to say.

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If you mean "get involved " as in running for office, I think their motives are probably as varied as everyone else's who runs for office. Some might really think they have something to offer and others, like a certain POTUS we all know and loathe, think it's an ego-stroke and a money-machine.

If a celebrity gets involved just by making their political opinions public, I think they have as much right as anyone else to express their opinions. 

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