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+2 votes

Like we don't have enough bad luck.

We are in the clutches of a global pandemic. Every single world religion has prayed to their God to protect  us.

Superstition just died. so put your shoes on the table, keep your spoon in your tea and walk under any ladder you might come across.

In fact, treat yourself and don't say bless you after a sneeze and just smash that mirror, you know you want to.

in Fears/Phobias by (3,084,140 points)

7 Answers

+2 votes

You have called and I have answered.

by (4,202,331 points)
+2 votes

It is a day like any other.  Good Luck or bad we are still alive to experience the day

by (2,906,320 points)

I was thinking about you the other day. Something happened in Austria but I cant remember what now lol.


We had a terrorist shooting in the 1st district, we are in a Lockdown sort of, and a whole lot more is happening

+3 votes

So far, I’ve never had anything particularly bad or weird happen to me on any Friday the 13th. Now I hope I didn’t just jinx myself!!    **cautiously looks around**

by (2,490,040 points)
+3 votes

my favorite holiday is today!!
and anyone who says it's not one have fun with Karma

by (4,920 points)
+2 votes

Well someone almost caused me to have a car accident today, and I had to swerve to avoid hitting him. He was on the left lane on the street and behind a truck going slowly, and came right in front of me on the right lane. Had I not been alert I would have hit him. 

   But that's about it! And enough. :O

by (1,211,590 points)
+1 vote

At least that psychopath Donald Trump is no longer the US president. I count my lucky stars for that. 

by (6,650 points)
+1 vote

Yeah, with alllllllll the never-ending crap I've had to deal with this last year or so, if I'm not all cleaned-out of bad luck for the next 50 years ... well then holy __________ (fill in the blank with a page full of expletives) !

by (23,440 points)
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