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Its binge worthy. Has anyone else watched it? What do you think?

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1 Answer

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I never saw it. Is that a police show? Who’s in it? I’m glad you’re finding something worth binging on.  

It’s so fun to find great TV shows streaming when you missed them during their regular run. I’ve seen so many shows that I wanted to watch during prime time, but never got around to it. 

I’ve also found some amazing shows I didn’t think I’d like, and ended up hooked on them! Two that come to mind immediately are “The Blacklist” and “Chuck” - never considered watching them on network TV and just gave them a try on streaming. I ended up loving both of them! 

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Its a cop show. Cop v Baltimore drug gangs.

And...wait for it...Idris Elba is in it

Bonus or what !???!!!


Idris Elba??? How the freak did I miss this show? I seriously heart me some Idris Elba!!!


He is a supporting act, must be early in his career. 


Calm down.


I am calm!  smilie_hops_051.gif   smilie_love_047.gif


Haha! I'll have to.look for that!

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