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5 Answers

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You are actually reading/Listening to the rantingd of a Madman.  I do wonder what Wake is doining regarding this affair?  Do we think he is taking his Xanix or similar

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Wake has moved to Russia 

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Kentuckians love him because he's for Trump. It figures. 

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Kentuckians have loved Mitch since long before Trump. Mitch has always been an uber-conservative who hates all the same people his supporters hate. 


Yes, they've always voted Republican. With the exception of 2 of their counties, they are a Republican state. Hence why McConell won. 

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It's funny how it's suddenly a fix, when you've lost.

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I would actually have preferred that moskow mitch was removed on the fix.  If the senate were not enablers present the trumper would be neutralized anyway.

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That’s how stupid Trump supporters are. 
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