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in World Domination by (120 points)

4 Answers

+1 vote

Hey, no problem. Go fuck yourself. 

by (1,524,050 points)
+1 vote

Dude. Nobody knows what you’re saying. Please clarify what you mean! For all we know, we might agree with you 100% - we just can’t tell because we don’t understand you. 

by (2,434,850 points)
+1 vote

Well, aren't YOU a sweetheart?

by (809,340 points)

I didn’t know you read and understood ghetto! Lol!


I taught English for 32 years and studied linguistics.  I can figure out more than the average bear, but not all that much more.


Ah Yogi ghetto bear! Lol!


There's some tiot there, lady....

0 votes
Well it fine and you make in which way what so ever make no sense (And I do agree with )
by (1,320 points)
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