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How long is a piece of string?

in Politics by (3,949,961 points)

4 Answers

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None, he wants all the votes thrown out and him declared the winner.

 His back up plan is typical for a dictator,  a scorched earth policy. Leave chaos and ruin behind him 

All those cult followers won't even see he doesn't give a flying fig for them.

by (2,984,770 points)
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As many as it takes to make him the winner. God, he’s a scum-bag....

by (2,398,560 points)
+2 votes

He wants them counted until they get the right answer.

The right answer is that he wins.

But I am starting to think that the bannon solution might be the right one for the trump family.

by (1,489,110 points)
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Currently, he has been rebuffed at every turn with the recounts.  Instead, he is now directing a more nefarious strategy.

He is personally meeting with the Republicans who authorize the certification of the votes and is bringing all his political weight against them to  coerce them to refuse to certify the votes.  You might recall that in Wayne County, Michigan, the two Republican electors refused to certify the vote results.  Within an hour or two, they got so much feedback from their constituents that they immediately reversed their initial decision and certified the election results for Wayne County.  It is MOST interesting to note that Trump met PERSONALLY with those two Republican county officials prior to their vote for non-certification.

At this time, he is now inviting the Republican state legislators from Michigan to the White House.  What he wants THEM to do is to refuse to certify the state results of the election.  THEN he wants them to say, "Well, since we cannot certify the results of the election due to the confusion about whether so many of the votes are/were fraudulent, then we will have to throw out the electors who were voted for in the election, and we will have to install those electors whom WE believe will reflect the will of the people of Michigan more appropriately.  THEREFORE, we are going to appoint a slate of Trump electors, and they will be the new electors to vote in December when the state's official certification of electors is due."

In other words, Trump is pressuring Republican officials -- PERSONALLY -- all the way down to the county level to try to strong-arm them to change the results of the election and keep Trump in place as President.  Several of the really high-placed Republican officials are going to be out of work in January because they are up against the term  limits required in Michigan.  So... they will be out of work, and Trump is -- most likely, in my opinion-- going to offer them positions of power in the next Trump administration when he begins his second term.  Trump has the power to do this, and he is not above this kind of behavior.

Keep an eye on what happens with Michigan and Pennsylvania and their state certification reports.

by (786,100 points)

Interesting. If he gets away with it.

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