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2.     How many mol of HCl can form from 25.2 mol of Na 2 S 2 O 3 ? (2 marks)

3.     How many Liters of Cl 2 are required to produce 15.7 moles of NaHSO 4 ? (2


4.     How many molecules of HCl can form from 4.92 grams of H 2 O? (3 marks)

Please show work. Even if you can only answer one it is still appreciated

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4 Answers

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Show us YOUR work.  THEN we'll comment as to how you can move forward.  

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Unfortunately I failed chemistry miserably.

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Chemistry is not my subject.  The only reason I got through it was I used to drink with the professor.   That C probably cost me 50 gallons of beer.

I do remember questions like this, but alas, I remember no answers.  I had to drink a lot of beer and may have killed off too many brain cells.

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If you need help in this, tutoring with a chemistry  major or chemist is the best action for you. The internet is full of help as well. Look on YouTube for your type of questions. We have no Physics majors here that I know of. A few engineers, but I'm not sure they can help you, and besides, you need to do the work; it's what you're going to school for. A little work goes a long way, and you'll feel better realizing you accomplished something on your own. 

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