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Any ideas are welcome. 

in Just For Fun by (1,019,900 points)

2 Answers

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I used to have a talking parrot in my house when I was a child.  I remember it saying "go do your homework" all the time.  My grandma taught him that.

by (1,610 points)

Haha! Nice. ;)

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We had a budgie at one point named Beauty. He flew all around the house when we let him out. Unfortunately my Dad killed him accidentally when he shut the door trying to stop him getting out. My Mom was in tears. I can also remember Mom breaking down in tears when our dog died. She loved her pets.

But to answer your question, teach him to give you random compliments.

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Awww. Sorry about your bird. My father had a blue budgie that would drink beer from my father's palm. When he died, my father cried as well. 

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