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Churl. Can you guess what it means? 


in Just For Fun by (1,005,030 points)

3 Answers

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As in "Don't be CHURLISH, now..."  :-)  

Mean or just plain nasty in attitude

P.S.  In Old English, there were "eorls" and "ceorls" which were the "earls" and the "peasants" of the day.  Of course, the upper class looked down on the peasants as being mean and nasty people...

by (795,560 points)

Yes!  It means a mean spirited person. :)

+2 votes

Well hurl is to vomit. So churl must be what Maleanior does in bed. Just guessing.

by (3,959,661 points)
+1 vote

Donald J Trump

by (2,996,130 points)

He's an example of one!

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