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Just wondering... 

in Religion by (10,670 points)

9 Answers

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Eternal life

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Religion is good for people who want to have an affiliation with whichever god they want to be close to. It makes them feel a connection with their god so that they may worship him.  I myself don't look to religion for a sense of "belonging". I consider myself more spiritual than religious although they are tied. I like to keep my relationship with God personal, and don't feel a need to worship with a group of others. It's just the way I am. 

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It gives you someone/something to blame when things go badly.  It is always gods fault.  It is also a means of control.  Lenin, I think maybe marks, was not wrong when he called religion the opiod of the masses.  Die for god.  Suffer for god.  You are miserable now but you will be rewarded later.  21 virgins if you play your cards right.  I

Currently is is useful means for extracting money from ignorant people who follow the mega churches.  Or even the church of the holy car wash.

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Orthodoxy = the only true faith

by (180 points)
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Morality; protects life, and is always respectful of others! 

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Very well put SandyGirl .


Thank you Blue Jay! :)

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Organized religion is BY men FOR men. It exists  to control society and maintain patriarchy. 

If one needs religion in order to be moral, that’s a personal  integrity failing.  

by (2,434,850 points)

I agree, the Bible was indeed written by man. And, yes, definitely to keep order. Many do need religion to be moral, and for those it's devinely powerful. Religion is not for everyone, however, it serves it's purpose in this imperfect world. Mankind is without a doubt flawed. 

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Gets you out of the house on a Sunday.

by (4,001,011 points)

Hahaha! Good answer! : )


lol Thanks. I'm an expert on religion.

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Its about Glasgow football teams. One is Protestant the other Catholic and when one stops shitting in the others shoes and stops pissing in their bovril the world will end.

The gospel according to a glesga lass

by (3,014,490 points)
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Religion is good for feeling good around others who appreciate goodness as well. There's a lot of hypocrites who make themselves obvious. Religion is something that is personal too. I think I appreciate it best when I'm alone with my thoughts.  

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