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Do you look your age? If not, has it ever created any problems for you? 

Because I look younger than I am, I've had a lot of problems in my dating life, either attracting a woman who is much younger than me and when we find out our age gap, she runs... never to speak to me again. 

OR (less common but has happened more than I likely know) when I meet a woman who is close to my age she rejects me straight away because she doesn't want to date a younger guy (long story but I've heard/found out through the grape vine...). 

I ask this because I think I'm running into this issue once again (a much younger woman is interested) and I really would like to know what exactly am I supposed to do about it?

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4 Answers

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Yes. And no.

When I was 18, I looked older.  I always had to go buy the beer.  I once took a date to a bar type of place and they checked her ID, she was old enough, but didn't check me and I was not.  They figured that a beautiful woman would not be with a much younger kid.  A stripper in a bar that I went to and tried to pick up spotted my real age immediately and informed me that she didn't date younger men.  She probably thought that I just wanted to get laid.  She would have been right.  

But mostly, this never came up while dating.  Very few wanted to go on a second or third date but it wasn't age related.  Another story for another time.  Some of the womens fathers had a bit of an issue but I think that mostly they were worried about me screwing their daughters.

Now that I am older.  Much older.  I think that I look a bit younger than my age.  Especially if I keep my hat on.  Not a bad thing.  I had to prove my age a couple of years ago to get the senior price on a haircut and discount coffee.  Women still avoid me like I have the plague, so it probably isn't age now either.

I honestly don't know why this is a problem or comes up.  If she is shallow enough to not go out with you because she thinks you are too young, she probably will find something else wrong anyway.  It is just a convenient excuse.  Next time show your ID and see what happens.

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Wear a sign with your age on it ...

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I was proofed when I bought a bottle of wine here at a supermarket recently. Now, all liquor requires proofing, and normally they just ask me for my birthdate and they ring you up. This time a woman asked me for my driver's license. "Not that I don't believe you, but you look young with your mask", and I was wearing a hat as well so my wrinkles were well covered. ;).  I've looked younger but it's only a problem when younger men wanna date you. It's Ok with them, but not Ok with me. 

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I actually look younger than my age. It has its perks. If you like her and behave a sincere interest then go for it!

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