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It is the question from the subject linguistic and the above question is my assignment and i want to know the details. 

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1 Answer

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Make the extremely difficult effort of entering your question on Google. You'll get MANY answers.  Don't come here until you have done your research.  It's annoying.

by (795,560 points)

I did my research sir and i can't find what i need. Don't answer the question if you feel that much annoying. Thank you.


Well, Sport, here's the deal:  I entered this into the Google Search engine: "

Define feminist linguistics and explain ten benefits of the feminist linguistics?"

and guess what?  There were ten different links that would send you WELL on your way towards your answer.

SO...  if you really think you DID your research and didn't find anything, you need to learn how to do research.  If you would like some advice on how to conduct online research, I can send you a paper on how to do research.  I taught students how to conduct online research for many years.  I won't do YOUR research for you, but I'll be happy to tell you how to do your own.
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