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+3 votes

Campanology and geegaw. 

    Know what they mean? 

in Just For Fun by (1,067,540 points)

4 Answers

+1 vote

I know the first one is bell ringers.. no idea about the 2nd one   

by (3,030,460 points)
+3 votes

Campanology = the study of camping

Geegaw = when you try to say seesaw and it comes out wrong

by (4,044,531 points)


+1 vote

Nuts.  I'm zero for two on this one!

by (823,640 points)

Campanology, the art of bell ringing, and geegaw is something of little importance, such as a knick knack. 


Oh, I looked them up.  I just didn't know them when you asked the question. :-)

0 votes


   Campanology is the art of bell ringing. A geegaw is something trivial or not important. :). 


by (1,067,540 points)
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