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*opens door*

Hi y'all......

Happy new year!

What's the weather like today in your neck of the woods? 

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6 Answers

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Hi.  Happy new year.

The weather here is pretty typical for this time of year.  Cloudy, overcast, looks like snow, but is abnormally warm.  32 degrees, roads are melting and slushy.  And you?

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Upper 30s to lower 40s that day
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Happy new year to you as well!

It's in the mid-30s here in the Pittsburgh area.

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Media, has there been much snowfall yet? 


We had the largest snowfall since 1935, I think, a couple of weeks ago, but not much at all since.

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Hi King!! Happy New Year to you and yours!! Hope you had a lovely holiday season in spite of stupid COVID. 

Phoenix has been sunny but chilly the last week or so - daytime temps in the low 70s and down to the low 40s at night. It must be winter in the valley!! 

Take care and be safe, King!!

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JPT.... thank you. It was pretty good and I hope to have many more! 

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King a Happy New Year to you as well.  Stay safe and healthy in these days of Covid.  Drop by more often

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Thank you Arch. Life has me tied down, big changes....

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Happy New Year. It is in the mid-50s here. We had temps in the 70s over the weekend but it rained.

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I'm instantly jealous.... slightly. 

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hello---been a long time and once again..I'm late answering.  It was 21 degrees here today....ew.

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