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I have been pondering this ever since I saw that "Viking" in the mob attack on the Capital 

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7 Answers

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Lol. The Vikings could teach etiquette to those drooling troglodytes who stormed the Capital. 

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Yes. But the radical left stole their passports so they had to go back.

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Yeah I can see that, bloody immigrants. 


You mean Norway wouldn’t pay for a wall?? 

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Very likely.  The vikings were in Iceland.  And settlement have been found in greenland.  It is just a short trip from greenland over to the coast of canada.  The icelanders has a story about traffic between them, canada, and europe.  Supposedly snurrys mother gave birth over on canada and this as the very first european born in north america.

The guy in the photo was just an asshole.

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Apparently, they made it to North America, but not what is currently the USA.  The were in both Iceland and Greenland.  They were named to mislead travelers. Iceland was beautiful; Greenland was desolate.

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To my knowledge there isn't evidence that they made it to the US however a Norse settlement was found in modern day Newfoundland so they made it to the "Americas". 
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The Vikings did make it to America, to what is now known as New Foundland, in Canada. So they made it to the Americas but not to what is now known as the US.  By the way, that area is beautiful. I remember driving through Canada along some mountains and coastline, very rugged and beautiful, to get to Nova Scotia.  The Bay of Fundi is another point that my sister saw on a cruise years ago. 

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Ps here is something you can watch about them. 

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