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Have been removed!  Taking into account all of his breaking of rules on these media platforms, both have decided on this action. Facebook said it would be removed for 2 weeks, and Twitter has removed it permanently. I wish they had done that sooner. He has no platform now to spew his rhetoric. 

    Silence is golden. 

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How can 1 person be an absolute failure? 

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With freedom of speech comes responsibility.


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Not only that, Steve Bannon’s YouTube show has been pulled, Parler (right-wing-nut-job site) has been yanked, and Twitter has banned Michael Flynn and Sidney Powell. 

Maybe there’s hope for us after all. 

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Steve Bannon knows how crazy Trump is. He's done some shady things himself, but he knew about the going ons in the WH that were illegal. 


Steve Bannon is one of the orchestrators of the current insanity of the modern Republican Party. What we saw on Wednesday was the culmination of Bannon’s vile decades-long agenda. He’s barely a step up from Alex Jones. 

And now that he’s been kicked off YouTube maybe he’ll have time to take a shower and wash his hair. 

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This is perhaps a closing of the barn door after the horse has escaped.  Three thousand lies were ok, but 3001 was too many?

Still, I am glad that it happened.  Keeps the creep quieter.  

As someone pointed out, if he wants to say anything, the white house has it's own press briefing room.  He could use that.  Probably not at 3 in the morning.

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And not while he’s sitting on the potty...

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