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She did much more open flirting before in september, holding my shoulder, sending me an dm first, telling me to get closer to her, she told she stalks me everyday, sending an text saying im cute. Taking a pic of both of us without asking. Her friend tried to help her telling she liked me aka saying it to*me. Her friend also told me she was madly in love but didnt know to trust it or not. But*i heard she got asked by her friend why she was staring at me when she didnt have feelings anymore. 

She propbaly knows i like her know since i messaged her first 4 times after she stoped the openly flirting. I couldnt do so much with her flirting because i froze all the time. 

I catch her staring/glancing at me everyday with this a lingering stare, sometimes she will give the corner of the eye stare. Sometimes she would look away when i catch her. 

But she did a playful wink when i looked at her walking by, she randomly touches me once in a while like poking my head touching my arm, or the head scratch and sometimes uses the situation to touch me. She wrote she digs me and i were the funniest guy she knows. 

But she has guy friends, because she got many guy friends and sometimes is a teasing or what it is, makes me overthink. No idea if she is teasing me or what she is doing. She will sometimed try to talk to, and she walked into my feet on purpores when walking by?

 she sat next to me (classroom) when i were talking with some friends and i see thats she is looking my way and my friends became silent. So i look in her eyes but she changed her eye direction i think
before i turn against. 

But when i text her she will respond within 5 min but she dosent try to ask questions back?I sent an msg on christmas just saying “Merry christmas (name) she replied right*away.But*when i sent “Happy new year (name) ❤” she left me on open, neither not replied yet 

She also in gymnastic speeded up to go behind me insteed of going with her friends and stod next to me after that.

Her guy friend looked at her then he looked at me. These things makes no sense and i feel she is ingoring me now/not trying to talk to me. I only feel her staring at me now.
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Show another girl some attention and make sure she sees you. Two can play at her game

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