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I caught Biden giving his reaction to the shenanigans on Wednesday and at first I thought, oh very quiet.

Then I realised he was talking like a normal person and not bellowing like the castrated bull has been for four years 

I think we will need to get used to a new normal.

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3 Answers

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When he gave his victory speech in Delaware, I thought to myself the same. What a breath of fresh air. Someone who doesn't yell, who makes sense with complete sentences, who doesn't hassle and isn't rude, someone we could believe in and have faith in. It was music to many ears. 

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Joe has been known to stick his foot in his mouth a bit over the many years of his career, but he’s a decent, **sane** human being who at least cares about governing like a statesman. 

I am starting 2021 with hope. 

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Trump had a stupid name for everyone. What a joke of a president.

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He has the maturity level of a slow 4th grader. He actually thought all those moronic names were clever. And his supporters are so stupid, they started repeating them like parrots. 

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