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Is it (philosophically speaking) really 'darkest just before dawn' ?!

Have you experienced this, or know-of an example that supports this saying ? If so, Please share !

There are many examples of a business'/entrepreneur's biggest success happening right after they'd suffered their biggest setback (financial among other aspects), many many of the super-successful have admitted that they'd just about quit a few times along the way, but somehow decided to stick it out just a little bit longer and their perseverance did in fact pay-off for them.

Because of this trend/fact the experts have said that a lot/most of small-business owners likely quit just before they hit this reward, ohhhhh ... and if only ... they'd just hung in there a little longer ...

I'm wondering if Life-in-general doesn't also follow this pattern ?   It seems that lately just when I think a particular part of my life (personal life, physical health, mental health, relationships, finances, business etc. etc.) has hit a new low, yet another aspect of my life comes crashing down just to add to depth and the darkness of the hole I've found myself in lately ...  it's making me wonder how much more I can take and most-importantly why (take it at all) ?     But, but, but if this is all just part of a process ?  

And so if the darkest of the dark just proceeds the brightest of the bright ?  (as the examples I've alluded to do), then welllll ....  I say (with my middle fingers raised skyward)  "bring on all the crap you can dish out there ole 'universe' or 'god' (or whatever is in 'control') because I will persevere !  It may not be pretty, or easy, and I may be tempted to jump off a cliff somewhere ... but you will not stop me (from succeeding) !"

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I don't know about darkest.  I think the darkest is about midnight.  

But it is coldest just before the dawn.  It has been the longest since the sunset and things have been cooling off ever since.  

As far as business goes.  If it is a bad idea, pursuing it longer will only make the hole deeper.  

But if the business is a good idea, it might just need a new approach, or some money from an investor that you have found, or maybe a tweek to the idea.  Then it will succeed.  This will then look like your discussion.  And you would not have arrived there if you had not almost failed.  

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