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I met this guy we have been dating for a month, we was getting on very well until I came to he's house and found another female's cosmetic belongings on the corner of he's room. I asked him who the girl was to him he said one of hes exes. I slept with him only because I wanted to have fun. The next day he became a little distant, then all of a sudden he rushed me out of the house saying it's an emergency and hes sister took pills to kill her self so he drove really fast and left me in the petrol station, promising me he would pay me back the £50 I wasn't planning on spending on the cab. It took a week he refused to pay and made excuses about me being the bad person blablabla I cut him off. My friend then contacted him and asked him if he new me he said no he doesn't know me then a girl was in the background she tried to speak to him, he then shouted and swore at her that's when I knew he's a fake what kind of a human being is this? 

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You know the answer: scum

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Yes, you fucked up. You were taken in by a slimebag conman. Learn from this mistake. Think before you leap and think hard before you sleep with someone and/or lend them money. 

“Why me?” you ask. Well, because you made a couple of bad decisions based on poor judgment calls. Don’t pretend that you’ve been singled out as a victim of bad luck. You haven’t - you were simply forced to face the consequences of actions you chose to take. 

Don’t beat yourself up. We all make mistakes and do stupid shit sometimes. Just learn from it so you don’t do it again. 

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I don't quite understand the question.  Dating the guy you had no reason to know or suspect that he only wanted to fuck you.  Or maybe you did but did not tell us.

But at the point that you are at his place and find another womans cosmetics, alarm bells go off.  He gives a really lame excuse.  He lost the gf, but kept the cosmetics, how dumb does he think you are?  Pretty dumb as it turns out.  At this point you want some fun, i.e. sex so you get into bed and fuck.  Nothing wrong at this point.  You know that he has been lying but maybe it has been worth it.  Sometimes there is a big jerk at the end of a good penis.

Now you find out how big of a jerk that he is.  He must have got a call or text about the other woman coming over and had to get you out of there.  Stiffed you for the raxi fare.  at least you know where you stand.

It isn't all that unusual for a guy to try to screw several women at the same time.  This clown isn't very good at it.  But you made the decision to go for fun, so it should not be a surprise that he was doing the same.  To answer your question "why me?"  The answer is that you agreed to it.  

 You need to be more selective about who you date.  To check for sincerity and singleness, try changing dates a few times.  Move to the next day, or a few days.  If it is easy, he may not be trying to schedule you into bed between his friday and sunday screws. 

Good luck.

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