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I just started grad school part time and I work full time. I'm using school to switch careers. When us a good time to look for jobs?  I'm ready to leave now but want some advice. My program is online btw.

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Check with your counselor at school or the department chairperson in your field  They will have good advice.

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OK - a few simple questions

1. What is the degree in

2.  Be aware that the for profits online have a less than savory rep as far as placing Grads

3.  You should be attending every netwoking event possible.  A lot are happening via.

The best time is probably last week.  Note our organizatrion does not loook at anyone from the online or 2nd tier degree Mills

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The degree is in analytics and it's from a brick and mortar school that just offers the program online.  


Now is the time to start looking even in these days of Covid.  You can cover up the online nature by saying it was better in times of Covid

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