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about ME! 

I started a new job on December 1, 2020. I had decided last spring that I wasn’t happy with the job I took in December 2019 when I got laid off after being sick. A few months in, I could tell the boss was a dick. So I started looking for something else. 

There wasn’t too much out there because of COVID, but I finally found an amazing job at a very small CPA firm that’s been around for 30 years and here I am. Nice people. Way more money. A mile from home. Flex hours. Medical insurance paid 100% by the company. HSA and SIMPLE IRA contributions made by the company. Every Friday off - with pay - during the summer.  My position is mostly doing accounting with a few business tax returns thrown in, but zero 1040 preparation. And last, but not least, only 8 - 10 hours overtime per week during tax season. 

I feel exceptionally fortunate to have found such an awesome job with a great company, especially during a pandemic, when so many have lost their jobs or had their hours cut to the bare minimum. 

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Congratulations.  Someone told me once that good people can always find a job.  It was true for me and seems to be true for you.  That job sounds so good that I would come out of retirement for it.  Except for the fact that I have no qualifications for it.  Lol.

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Congratulations, .good going

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::tossin' confetti::  

This is such great news!!!!  Could not happen to a better person.  Much happiness to you!


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You are indeed lucky but I'm not surprised, you are one smart cookie. No joke. Enjoy your new job. There's not many people who enjoy their job and get paid well for it.

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Well done. I love good news.

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Wow, that is great news. Sounds very promising and it's a great new start for a new year. (◠‿◕)

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