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In my opinion you'd need to have a memory like a goldfish to forget how he botched being number two 
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4 Answers

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I doubt it unless Trump gets impeached at lightning speed, removed from office and Pence becomes POTUS at 11:47pm on Jan 19. 

by (2,398,960 points)

a.m., but yes... that would do it.  That would give Pence 13 minutes to pardon Trump.


Pardon him from federal charges. If DC charges him, he’s toast even with a pardon. 


You are absolutely correct, and I think he's facing some serious charges from the states, and there could be some jail time attached to those for sure.

However, with a charge of sedition hanging over his head on the fed level, a pardon there would be huge for him.

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Sounds like another recipe for disaster.

by (3,950,521 points)

Doesn’t it make you wonder who could have possibly seen this coming? Like... who would have thought Trump would do something this appalling? Oh wait.... millions of us did. 


And now he's on his way out everyone is oh we get it now. If he wasn't the sycophants would still be kissing his arse.

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I don't think he will, but I wouldn't mind it for the last few days of Trump's fiasco presidency. For one thing, it would take away Trump's power. Two, Pence hasn't spoken with Trump since he decided to be fair about the electoral votes and follow the Constitution. So it would be a win win for us. He is ok, maybe he liked Trump at first and then saw him for what he was these last few weeks or months. He must be dying to go back to Indiana. 

by (993,760 points)

I’m not sure Indiana wants him back...


Whether they do or not, those are his plans.  He may run in 2024. 

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Pence may have a brain, but hasn't used it for so long that it probably isn't functional. If he did, he would jump at the chance to be POTUS even for a few minutes.  But his lips work and he has been kissing trumpers ass for so long that he cannot let go.

So, no.  I don't think anything will happen. impeached and the trial will happen after he leaves office.  So pence never gets to be POTUS.

by (1,489,930 points)
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