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Trump is pissed after having been impeached for the second time. That's a first for the history books. He is even asking people not to pay Guliani for his services!! Talk about being angry. He won't be dismissed until after the inauguration of Joe Biden, so here's something else to worry about as more violence is supposed to happen on this day.  Good news, though. Those folks who were stupid enough to take pictures of themselves are being arrested. The guy who stole the podium was caught in Florida, and more are to be caught.  Something surprising, at least to me, was that the entire siege on the capitol was planned, and its now being found by the FBI that there were 4 Republicans that were involved in its planning. They are to be found and punished for those crimes. What an incredibly corrupt government we have. 

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Too fucking bad. Sane Americans have been POd since he proved himself unfit to be president in the first week of his term. He can go pound sand - in prison if we’re lucky. 

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::using an "applause" emoji::

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I'd be pissed off too if I had just made America great again and the radical left stole it. Winning so much! as our good old friend Wake would say.

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Do you think his feelings are hurt?
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His ego more likely!  

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It was good news that the idiots photographed themselves.  Trump supporters are pretty stupid, much like their leader.  Unfortunately, the corruption and rot from the top was also on display.  If the police, Homeland security, and department of the army were not all trumpster lackies they would have rounded up and arrested the whole mob at the time.  When a hundred black guys go to the capital it looks like Iraq, when a few thousand white people show up, the police are on vacation.  That didn't happen by accident.

Maybe they will be able to root out the corruption, but I am not hopeful, the police are mostly trumpskies.

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Yes!!!   They were stupid enough to do that, so it's good they're getting caught. 

   While watching this unfold on TV with my daughter when it was happening, I questioned the lack of presence of the police. And it was Nancy Pelosi who first wanted the Nat'l Guard to come over. All phone calls to Trump were unanswered. The police I'm sure were either paid off or told to hold off. This is why Biden had said weeks ago that he was kept in the dark about certain things he should have been told about during the transition of information due to him about different departments. That speaks volumes. It was all planned. 

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Yesterday on Facebook, I read a post claiming the painted face horned-hat guy is a registered Democrat.  These idiots will NEVER discover and accept reality.  

Another person posted the news story about the guy, though, and the news has revealed is a Qanon quack from way back, etc.  ::smh::  incredible what these morons will believe.

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Whew. I don't think we could ever change the ways of these people. We could punish them for their actions, but that's about it. They'll remain the same. 

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