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I met this guy 6 months ago. We met by smoking cannabis together. When I first met him, we were at it like rabbits. We had sex like crazy, anytime any place kind of thing. He started calling me baby, lovely, sexy,  etc and I would call him the same. He's also opened up to me alot about his past,  tragedies and current struggles. He's also told me that he didn't want to share me with other men and would ask if I had other lovers. I told him no. We are not exclusive. He just started working 2 jobs and doing side hustles to maintain an income,  as of late we stopped seeing eachother regularly.  He stopped calling me pet names and doesn't seem interested in seeing me as much. I finally had a talk with him and he stated he's really busy with work and taking care of his son, dealing with his ex and that sex is not a priority anymore.  I can sympathize with what he is saying but I keep feeling that he's lost interest. I told him that maybe we should end it and go our separate ways but he said that we could take a small break if i want but he didn't seem to want to end it. And seems to get a bit jealous if I talk about other men.  I still feel it's different between us. Do you think it's possible that he's met someone new and that has made him less interested? Or just take his word for it? Sorry. I am a bit insecure and have trust issues


I saw him again,  a few times in fact. He has come to my house to do handyman work.  We made love and embraced eachother.  He told me the REAL reason he has been distant.  I understand now. But I want to thank you all for your help. I appreciate it

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Anything is possible.  But it does seem like he is busy.  Two job plus a side hustle.  I don't know when he could find time to screw you, even if he wanted to.  But he doesn't seem to want to.  In my opinion there is nothing quite as relaxing and comforting as spending some time engaging a guys body parts with a woman.  I would understand if your complaint was that he just seemed to want to screw you then go home or fall asleep.  But he seems to have no interest in getting your legs in the air.

So, I conclude that he has lost interest.  Sort of a been there done that thing.  He doesn't find a compelling reason to do you again.  Give him the break.  Move on.

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Babe hes lying 2u he used u and he's there making dumb excuses to leave u he probably wasn't single in the first place you was hes side piece sorry to break it to u but mans done out here I'd say focus on u and give it a break with these men their moving wild these days their indesery


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Jan had it.  If a man wants to have sex--he finds a way.  Are you flipping kidding???  Sex is like jello---there is always room. If he does not have room for you---his appetite has been filled elsewhere.  

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