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2 Answers

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His handlers know he’s so stupid, he’ll incriminate himself a hundred times in his opening statement. 

I think he should be FORCED to testify under oath. Hillary Clinton was investigated 8 times and she once was grilled for eleven hours straight over the Benghazi situation. In the Capital attack, more people were killed than in the Benghazi attack... why isn’t Trump’s riot worthy of the same level of investigation? Especially since he is responsible for causing it!

The double standard is enough to make a sane person bash their head up against the wall! 

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He cannot be forced to talk.  He has already shown an indifference to requests.

He doesn't really need to.  The whole sad episode is recorded on video and tweet.  He has no defence except that his friend moscow mitch delayed the trial until he is out of office and now questions its legality.

Besides, the trump party will let him off anyway.  They like dictators. 

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