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Add your recourses used. I need the done NOW!!!

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OK since I grew up on a working ranch here goes.

1.  Since we breed all of our livestock and we as kids generally help the parent guilt trip talks about Sex generally fall flat.

We learned that the consequences of sex were selling the offspring of said animal act would be necessary - Economics.

We Learned about the necessity of feeding and tending this surplus livestock.  Supply & demand for secondary products to deliver the primary product (Steaks) to market.

Getting the picture

2.  Since we have been around machinery all lives since toddlers we know better than city kids.  Consequently those planned accidents for the Insurance money generally will be treated as murder.  Say a minimum of 15 years

3.  Since we have been providing free labor (benefit) that we are angling to leave the Ranch, Farm, Coop whatever when grow up  is the Risk.  To Minimize  this risk the parents allow early dating and sexual adventure.  The blossoming situation soon necessitates the use of the corner Shotgun and the JP in town.

In reality there are some kids to risks in the Agricultural community.  The risks are far outweighed by the benefit of learning responsibility, practical Skills and the need to always know and use birth control in your dating years.  The small towns teaches to be a good citizen and behave yourself. 

Now you can read a number of articles on this in most major publications hyping the dangers of Agriculture.  Start with a Google search

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