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Is this site dead??  I have not been here since 2018.  Just checking it out...again.  Sadly---it seems pretty dead to me.  Is this just a bad time/day/week/?????  Boring questions.  Answerology was pretty sweet.  Any hope for this one????

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5 Answers

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Mostly dead.  We get a lot of homework questions.  Almost no penis question, contrary to the old AO.  Current politics require one side to always go for the personal attack, so that tends to dampen discussions.  Etc.

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I see it claims over 55,000 visits yesterday....cybersex meeting place, yes?....seems like  it... LOL


Lol.  Maybe I am just too old.  No one seems interested in cybersex.  Lol


Hahaha...I can't imagine that that many people pop in to read these questions...LOL  has to be sex hook ups...with covid---should be cyber----right???..LOL  I guess I have dated myself...but---honestly..I said---I'm 50.  No surprises.  


It could be that they are looking, but not finding the kink they want.  What sort of cyber turns your crank. Lol

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You are providing a spark, keep them up

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No its ticking over nicely. We have some characters, a catfish and lots of, it seems, children but its still ticking over nicely 

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We sure do have a Catfish here.  You mean Mr. Walter Mitty??


You know it!!!!

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If you think the site is dead take a look at the view counts compared with how many post answers. People are lazy and most people prefer to answer questions than ask. Those 50,000 visits are real and the traffic has been pretty consistent. From a website owners point of view it's not all about quantity but quality and google would agree when ranking. You get people on Facebook that just post photos of their lunch. lol

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Yeah well...that's cause I don't know how to post photos on here... else you'd have to look at my toad in the hole..


lazy boring...yes--I see people who have visited is a pretty good number...was just wondering as ---question just seem to sit...  Hey---sassypants..I'm on my kids say---it' the old folks hangout....  Little brats...:D :D :D

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This site is certainly not dead. Its been alive and well for years now. I'm very proud about how Blue is able to keep it going, and its nice to keep in touch with others as well.  Many have left due to political reasons and the fact that we are mostly democrats here.  Member like Jillopo, Wake, and another crazy person rom Texas that was booted for being disrespectful to Blue. But hey, that's life. 

    Welcome back! 

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wow--that's a shame...people booted for different points of view....

I see.  So--democrats are welcomed. sweet to see in type....


Actually, all types are welcomed. It's the disrespect and insulting of other members  that won't be. As long as you don't do this you're fine.  Those other members left on their own free will because they argued with those here, or insulted them and were booted off. 


this is def not answerology..I'm giving it a good go this year----....will see how it plays out...  

I'm a bit of a pervert though---so--may get booted anyway...  LOL  :D


No-one has been booted for having a different opinion. You've certainly got a lot of negative things to say about this site.


I'm seeing how the site is..period...  It's been 3 years---hoping for good stuff.     I suppose it is unfortunate that I  I make myself known...unlike most of the 'people' who count on the visitor counts.  

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