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Consider the two articles you read about sea life. Jennifer Buchet’s “Grief along the Reef” is about coral reefs, and Ben Harder’s article “The Light Brigade” is about bioluminescent organisms, especially those found in the ocean. Imagine you were given an assignment to prepare a presentation on one of those articles. Locate three images that could be used in that presentation. Be sure to record the information about your sources. You will need to document them in accordance with MLA citation format. View the MLA Style Guide. Enter the name of the article you have selected. Then copy the images into a single document and enter the citation information as required for a works-cited list. Upload the document.

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Good luck.  It sounds like a lot of work, reading, researching, and writing.  Makes my brain hurt.

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I will be kind tonight given I have a fully awake infant.

Do a Google search on images and reverse engineer your answer through the attendant articles

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