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+2 votes

that you like to have licked??

in Intimacy by (20,650 points)

5 Answers

+1 vote

Penis.  Not only is it my favorite body part, it is also what I most like licked.  And you?

by (1,515,990 points)

Well--since I asked....I'll answer too.

My favorite place to feel a warm, wet, soft tongue is between my toes. I hate my feet being 'touched'--do not even try to massage them...but---lick between those toes---and I'll follow you anywhere.  ;)   After that---  anal tongue action is the..THE best.  Takes a special man to put up with toes and a butthole---but---here I am .  Married 27 plus years...  :D


Fortunately, there seem to be a lot of types out there.  I am happy that you found yours.  I am out of the running.  Lol


The saying there is someone out there for EVERYone----is spot on.  

+1 vote

Have to repeat Wellone on this, otherwise it is my mind

by (2,879,760 points)
+1 vote

You think men will offer a diversity of answers?  LOL

by (805,960 points)

Seriously...what was I thinking?!  :D


::laughing::  I think I know what you were thinking....

And of course.... for me... you were right... my brain...

0 votes

My newly restored foreskin.

by (563,610 points)

I know there is a story here.  Restored...why?

Is your gf a bully?  Personal choice?  .........?

When my sons were born----this was a hot topic.

Many were coming out against circumcision.  I had not followed along on the topic to

see how it was evolving over the years.


My now EX-girlfriend was and still is a Jewish American Princess. I enjoyed torturing her when I restored myself. It SHOULD be a hot topic. Actually, it shouldn't be a topic for debate anymore. Cut off a little boy's foreskin, nobody panics. Sever a little girl's clitoral hood, and everyone loses their minds.

0 votes

how old are you guys? i bet im the youngest

by (940 points)
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