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Would you be horrified and go into a tailspin? Would that be a deal breaker for you? Or would you still accept him as being intact and proceed? I do hope you all realize about 80-percent of all the men worldwide are intact.

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4 Answers

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A bit taken aback for a second because it isn't common in the US where most men are circumcised-last stats I saw were somewhere between 76-92%. Not a horrified taken aback but more a that was unexpected. Otherwise a penis is a penis so long as it is clean and the attraction is there I don't see what things shouldn't proceed. 

by (684,050 points)

Good! Because I was once circumcised. Now I'm almost fully restored.

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At last, a penis question.

by (3,959,841 points)

LMAO! It *HAS* been awhile, hasn’t it? 

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Nobody is in a relationship with a penis. So long as the person is kind and good, having lots of fun and great times together, being intact or not doesn't really matter. Forgive me if I'm being ignorant, but isn't just a few (minority) cultures who do the circumcising? The last 80% of the world isn't having any reproduction issues with the (lack) of the procedure?

by (1,440 points)

Yes, and it's common in America because of all the hogwash people have been told about circumcision.


I think you're stressing over nothing. I've never even thought of it!

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I understand why you're asking this question because if its not for religious reasons people say its cleaner. .

Scottish men do not routinely get circumcised unless its for religious or medical reasons and they do not have a problem keeping clean 

If a man is a dirty man then being cut or not isn't an issue, who would have sex with a minger? 

by (2,996,170 points)

My point exactly. I was once circumcised, but I'm now almost fully restored. I know how to wash under the hood.

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