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Are you a beer drinker?  What kind/brand do you prefer?

Like wine instead?


Non-alcoholic beverages?

I like craft beers.  The darker, the better.

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4 Answers

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We are a wine culture (1).  We also may have a drink on Friday's however it is not the fascination that it holds in the US..

In Non Covid it it was the Nanny's weekend we would walk down the Weg to our favorite Heuriger.  Neighborhood wine bar attached to a vineyard.  See neighbors & Friends have some food and walk home. 300-900 meters from our Flat.

Here is a list of 30 which are less than 2KM from our doorstep.  The photo is from below the Kahlenberg which is 2.1 KM from our house walking

Image result for heuriger vienna

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Please tell me you wore lederhosen to that event....It’s just too perfect! 


Just lovely!

Yes--I'm american so do need to remember---it's a big world out there.  ;)


JPT This is just a normal hangout place.  Showing up in Lederhosen would be rude.  The Drindl is on the help.

Now I do own both long and short Lederhosen, The Doc as more than a few Drindl.  We do have a number of events we do go in Trachten Mode. 

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I'm actually allergic to beer.  Everything that's in it except the water.  I'm not allergic to mixed drinks or wine, though.

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Did this allergy come on as you aged or have you always been allergic?

I ask because my husband is a bourbon guy...but--lately--he

gets hives from it.


When I was about 11 or 12, my mother knew I had a lot of allergies; I was sneezing all the time, and my immune system was so bad I missed tons of school.  Fortunately, I was able to catch up very quickly, so I didn't really fall behind in school.

She took me to the local clinic for allergy testing, which consisted of a nurse putting substances just beneath the skin of my back.  I had 88 numbered shots in my back one day, then had to go back the next day for them to evaluate the reactions.  After a few days, the nurse said, "Well, you'll never drink beer! You're allergic to everything in beer except the water!"  I asked her how she knew that, and she said that there were red, swollen lumps where the "beer" ingredients had been tested: barley, hops, malt--and those lumps were still an angry red even when it was time to get the next series of test shots.  So I just never drank beer, knowing how allergic I was to it.

When I was in my first teaching job, Mrs Media and I went to another teacher's home for dinner.  She served us bratwurst, and it was the first time I had ever had bratwurst.  It was delicious! I raved about it and said several times, "Penny, you're going to have to give me the recipe for this!" She laughed and said it was so simple there wasn't even a recipe to give me.  Later in the evening, we were playing some kind of board game, and I was kind of scratching at my beard on the right side of my face, then the left, then both sides.  It was really getting "itchy."  I again asked her to share the recipe, and she said, "Geez.  It's just bratwurst, cooked in a cup of beer." 

I said, "Really?  I'm allergic to beer."  She said, "What happens when you drink beer?"  and I said, "I have no idea.  I've never tried it because I know how allergic to it.  I guess we'll find out."

It took another ten minutes or so, but eventually, i started wheezing as I talked, and my face got fiery red, and my throat began to swell and close off.  We got to the point where we determined if it got any worse at all, I would go down the street from her to the hospital.  Fortunately, that was the worst of it, and I started to get better.  Disaster averted.

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I like beer.  I like amber ale.  The wife likes lager.  So that is mostly what is in the house.  Most export type german beers are good.  Pilzners have too much hopps for my taste.  But, alas, beer goes right to my stomach.  It is not called a "beer belly" for no reason.  So I don't drink much of it.

I used to love wine.  But I have developed an allergy to something in most wine.  Some seems to be ok but I never know until I drink some of it.  That keeps me from opening very many of them.

I currently like scotch whisky.  12 year old, or older, single malt.  Sometimes a little Jamaican dark rum.

by (1,524,050 points)

Oh no.  I hate this.  You are the 2nd who has mentioned an alcohol allergy.


Yeah.  It sucks.

Besides the usual brain numbing effects, I get two others.  One is something in wine causes my nose to run and my eyes to burn.  I sometimes take benadryl with my wine.  Lol.

The other is a result of my neck surgery.   When they operated and took those little bumps off of the back of my neck, there was a muscle attached to the bump which they just left free hanging.  Alcohol makes them contract and cramp, which causes a headache for me.  Sort of a pre hangover headache.  I sometimes take ibuprofen with my alcohol.

Yes, I suppose I could just quit drinking, but ....

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I don’t like beer - any beer. I think it’s beyond gross. I don’t actually like any alcohol. To me, it all tastes awful. 

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Good.  Keep it that way.  Empty calories anyway.

What got me started drinking--was dessert wines.

Stay away from those.


It is gross.  Especially if you look at the fermentation process.  What you do is feed sugar to yeast.  The yeasties eat sugar and crap alcohol until their environment is so full of alcohol that the yeast dies.  It isn't a chemical process but a biological one.  Seriously, it is gross.

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