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better job, not have to work, new neighbors, no neighbors, health situation change, , different partner, different body, new boss, in another area/country.......whatever.............what would you pick?  

Details if you choose....

I would choose to be living closer to my parents.  

We have lived 'away' for the past 15 years.  They are getting older......

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11 Answers

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The Covid restrictions which until we get vaccines and a handle on Covid Iwe will accept.  We are changing our lifestyle because of Covid. 

Doc is leaving Medicine since her commitment to the Government is up.  Given Covid she no longer wishes to practice medicine, aka risk her life

We are both retiring due to Covid and isolating ourselves.  This is to protect our children and to assure we remain healthy to enjoy each other.

We are not heading Stateside this year for our 3 week Holiday

The list goes on

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Yes---covid has a far reach.  

With you both retiring......more big changes are coming.

Great you both can!!  Enjoy.


Bobbysgirl, during these days of Covid we will split our time between SIN these days of Covid wwe will split our time between Stiermark and Wien.  When Covid is over our shoulder we will visit the States for long increments of time

Neustattalm at the foot of Dachstein, Ramsau am Dachstein | © Steiermark Tourismus | Tom Lamm


that is just gorgeous...  

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If I had to pick just one, a new body.  I reinjured my right knee last weekend so I am back in a brace while trying to avoid surgery. I am fairly certain that I re-tore the meniscus like I did back in 2018. I can't bear weight on that leg without pain, the joint feels very unstable and I can feel it lock/seize up. 
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Oh dear.  It's always something, isn't it?

Hope you get a pleasant surprise and the brace for awhile-does the trick.

+1 vote

The car situation.

First.... never happened at all. 

If not that, then make it easier to find another dependable car. 

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Yep---I get that.
Good luck in your search.
+2 votes

I would change the fact that my husband got cancer and died.

I only need 5 more mins to be honest

by (3,013,540 points)

So very sad.  I wish you could change that.

+2 votes

Right now, it would be to have both the first and the second vaccinations for Covid in my arm...

by (809,100 points)

Well--that you can probably fulfil---------eventually.

My sister got both and the 2nd made her very sick for about 24 hours.


Mrs Media and I are scheduled for our first vaccination shot on Thursday, so "yay!"

+1 vote

I would like a new spine.  Mine should have been recalled.  It is well past its expiration date. I have had 3 lower back disk surgeries.  I have had the back portion of 3 vertebrae in my neck removed to reduce pressure on my spinal column.  I get to have an MRI next Wednesday to see what else is wrong.  

Definitely, a new back.

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Holy cow.  You have been through it.

Hope they can do something to help.


Currently, it is just a process of subtraction.  Find out what fails, cut it out, wait for the next failure.  I am 2 inches shorter than I used to be. Lol

+1 vote

I want the world to get back to normal! No more stinking COVID with its stinking lockdowns. That’s the only thing that’s negatively impacting my life right now. Otherwise, I’m fine. I feel pretty good, I have a new job, humongous raise, better benefits, more interesting work, closer to home, more pleasant environment... I can’t ask for much else. 

by (2,432,710 points)

Yeah---it has been so long.  

0 votes

Besides the Covid situation and just being protected from it, I would like to live in a warmer climate! At least in the winter. 

by (1,032,950 points)

I keep telling my husband---time to move to Georgia.

I'm too old for this cold.  LOL  He just laughs.

He likes the cold...

At least we are not stuck with it---spring will eventually bring us relief!!


I love the upper north east, New England. I've been there during the summers and spring but never the winter. Had it not been for the snowy winters and the fact that my kid are in the Midwest, I would have retired there. 

+1 vote

You don't want to know if I can be honest.

by (3,996,211 points)


Be honest.

I'm pretty blunt myself...and appreciate the same in return.

0 votes

Good question !

A couple or three more zero's immediately to the left of the decimal place on my bank statement would change a lot of things in my life all on it's own. 

BUT, if I could choose ANY thing anything ?  

I'd set my 'Calendar' (time) back about 30 years, say 1991, and ohhhh boy would my entire life now (and my  memories), be completely unrecognizable !    and better, and more enjoyable ...

by (10,490 points)
+1 vote

Definitely a better job and a better partner. I do hope things go back to normal (pre-covid) but who knows if it ever will.

by (184,440 points)

We are with you.  Covid scares the crap out of us.  Hope you get your better job & partner.  Have been told dating in these days of Covid is BS


Thank you Arch :) It is hard enough as it is, I am sure covid makes it worse.

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