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A girl in the class praises me a lot,says I am handsome, helps me a lot.She says I'm the good boy in the class.She once said " I have only my name coming in her mouth".She often looks me from her bus.She told about me to her best friends.On her birthday everyone got sweets,I also got.She asked me then can you take one more sweet.She called me 3 times for informing the class time.I didn't call her.She said why didn't you call me and said won't call me again.Then I stopped the class.Another guy called her and they became company.Then after months she called me for the fourth time.Does she like me romantically?

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4 Answers

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Just freakin' CALL her.  Stop posting here about how she calls you and you never call her back.

ago by (795,560 points)
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She used to think you were interesting.

Now she thinks that you are an idiot.

Better luck on the next one.

ago by (1,500,710 points)
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Call the chick.  She is either into you or not.  Do not live in the Friend Zone it is a horrible place to spend time

ago by (2,866,640 points)
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I think you have asked this question about 6 times.  :(

ago by (1,005,210 points)
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