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I have read the tutorial twice.  Still--will not work.

ago in Website F.A.Q.s by (14,370 points)

2 Answers

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I can see all the previous uploaded pictures that others have added though.......

ago by (14,370 points)
+1 vote

Because you're doing something wrong.

ago by (3,959,841 points)

:D  I know.  Sad.  I am using my laptop...maybe my phone would work.  


Just follow the instructions.


I can see the picture I uploaded on the list---but can't get it to hop on over to my post...  :D



Are you familiar with copy and paste?


yes..and I did that---  but--it just stays in the form I pasted...the image does not open up...I'll just keep trying...eventually I'll get it...  


It will open up when you post it.

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