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                                                                                                                                                                                      If you could go back....would you do it again?

Any advice for those looking to get married?

I have read that 'gray' divorces are much more common these days......and

............divorce in those over age 50 in long term marriages is actually surging......

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5 Answers

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I couldn't find a 60 years anniversary card gor my mum and dad at the time, I just bought a blank one and wrote it.

I was with my husband for 22 years, I would do it all again in a heartbeat, with him, noone else. 

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Good for you, Belle! :-)  

(I can't draw hearts, but if I could, you'd see one here for you!)


That's just wonderful about your Mom and Dad. That happens here too, but I think it's rare. You had a happy marriage no doubt, as well. (✿^‿^)


Yeah my Mum and Dad were together 65 years in total. 61 years when my Mum passed away. My Dad struggled as he couldn't really remember a time when he wasn't with my Mum 


IAwww, I  bet that was rough on him. :(.  That's a long time too be with someone. 


I just read my comment. I meant they were together 65 years, married 61.

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It has been 50 years, 6 months and 22 days since Mrs Media and I said "I do."  We're still together.  Not every day has been happy.  Everyone has tough times, and we had had ours, too. But we work through the tough times. 

I can honestly say that I love her more today than I ever did.

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No.  I don't think that I would do it again.  It is.probably a game of expectations.  

I could find friends to go hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, etc with.  Without the drawbacks of the wife.

Sex would probably be easier and more frequent if I wasn't married.

On the whole, when measuring pros and cons, the cons seem to have it.

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Neither Doc or I are married, we were once and will never do it again.  We both have Ex's.   Here one can get divorced however the costs are excessive. 

What a wedding certificate covers we have done through our attorneys w/o the State putting its' nose in.  Note never try to get a Divorce in Ireland

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I'm approaching 7 years of marriage. My parents had 39 years under their belt before Mom passed. All I'll say is that I'd only do it again if it were the same woman, as she is spectacular! 

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