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yep im just bored lol :-)

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8 Answers

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Read a book. Take a walk. Call a friend. Do a crossword puzzle. Watch a movie. Work out. Play with the dog. Do some housecleaning. Go through your closets and pull out all the stuff you never wear anymore, bag it and take it to Goodwill. 

Or not....

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JPT hit the nail on the head outside.  I find it hard to be bored.  The more active you are the less bored you will be.  A walk or run are good, volunteer at a an animal shelter,

Even in days of Covid it is still possible to chat up a random member of the opposite sex.  Keep it light, keep it breezy non creepy.

No one will entertain you you must entertain yourself.

by (2,884,340 points)
+2 votes

Cancel third-world debt. Cure cancer. Solve climate change.

by (4,001,011 points)

Lol! Now there’s a few ways to kill time constructively...

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No homework?  Extra credit?  Think of something you'd like to know about---and do some research on it. 

Go online and apply for a part time job  ;)  

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I was going to spend my time answering your question, but then I read the answers you already have.  They are all much better than anything I would have come up with. Kudos to the team!

by (809,340 points)
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I second Media's answer, all good answers. I especially like Bobby'sgirl answer. So if you need another one, listen to music,  Burn a CD of all your favorite songs from whatever era you like. I had my daughter to that and now I have music from Earth, Wind, and Fire, Chicago, and a few others (Tiodd Rungren).  Now that the weather is getting warmer, take walks and take phots of your favorite scenery.  A ride in the country (or a beach) is always nice too. 

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If you are really really REALLY bored?  

Join a question-answer site where you get to read a bunch of questions about topics you find yourself going "ohhhh w.t.f.?!" 

It'll have you searching for a nice high cliff to jump off in no time - problem solved !

Well... unless you live in a really flat part of the world.. . 

by (10,670 points)
mmmm ok ill look for a cliff
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Cancel third-world debt. Cure cancer. Solve climate change.

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